The Cattery description

There is one cattery block at Country House Kennels and Cattery with twenty cat cabins licensed for thirty cats. Eleven of these cabins have extended runs and are large enough for two cats. Thee remaining nine cabins have shorter runs and can only house one cat each.

Each cabin has its own heating and it's own attached run which is fully covered. Between the inside, sleeping quarters, and the outside run there is a cat-flap which gives cats access to the attached run at all times during the day and night. Even in the rain or snow, your cat(s) can still have the choice of being outside or snuggling down inside in the warm. There are two shelf heights with half the cabins set lower than the other half. This allows us to put the less able cats on lower shelves so that they can reach food, water and the litter tray more easily.

All cabins are individually heated and, in extremely cold weather, additional aisle heating in the form of oil-filled radiators are used to keep the overall ambient temperature at a good level so your cat(s) can be snug and warm.