Foods, treats and toys

Dry food Tinned / moist food Mixers / treats
Chappie, IAMS
Pedigree (normal/small breed)
Beta, Wagg
James Wellbeloved
Pedigree, Chappie, Winalot
Butchers tripe,Other Butchers
Nature Diet, Davies Chubb
Hi-Life, Cesar
Medium/large breed mixer
Small bite mixer
Spillers Shapes
We cannot guarantee any specific flavours, nor can we provide special dietary requirements. If the food you use is not on this list then you may bring your own food. There will be no reduction in our charges if you do so.
A variety of toys is available on-site ranging from squeaky toys, tennis balls, footballs, frisbees and, in the summer, our water loving guests enjoy the paddling pool.