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Country House Kennels & Cattery
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Country House Kennels and Cattery home page
Country House Kennels and Cattery home page
Country House Kennels and Cattery home page
Country House Kennels and Cattery home page
Country House Kennels and Cattery home page
Country House Kennels and Cattery home page
Country House Kennels and Cattery home page
Country House Kennels and Cattery home page
Country House Kennels and Cattery home page
Country House Kennels and Cattery home page
Country House Kennels and Cattery home page
Country House Kennels and Cattery home page

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Country House Kennels and Cattery Pet boarding Terms and Conditions


Definitions:              “The Client”             The owner or agent of the pet or pets boarding with us

                                  “CHKC”                      Country House Kennels and Cattery

1.      Whilst all possible care and attention is given to all pets boarding at CHKC, The Client understands that CHKC cannot accept responsibility for loss or injury from illness or any other cause.

2.      Pets can only be accepted and collected during reception opening hours unless agreed otherwise in advance. Sometimes it may be possible to accept and/or collect outside of these hours in which case a small additional charge may apply. We ask that you do not bring or collect your pets between 12:00 and 14:00 as we have tasks to complete during this period.

3.      The Client agrees to pay for all the days booked including the day of arrival and the day of departure even if The Client brings the pet(s) later than the agreed arrival date or collects the pet(s) earlier than the agreed departure date. Any additional days will be charged accordingly.

4.      Cancellations made 14 days (21 days July-September) or more before the booked day of arrival will be eligible for a refund of the full amount of the booking less £10.00 + VAT administration fee. Late refunds for cancellations will be at the discretion of CHKC. No-shows will require full payment in advance for future bookings or may result in non-acceptance of future bookings.

5.      Your pet is covered by our insurance for up to £2000.00 per annum perpet per condition. No excess applies. The Insurance element of the charges levied is not optional.

6.      CHKC does not operate credit accounts. Full payment is required on or before the day of departure. If full payment is not received by the day of departure all discounts will be voided and additional charges may be levied.

7.      Additional charges will be applied to all bookings which include Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

8.      All pets must be up to date with the standard annual booster vaccinations for the duration of their stay. In addition, dogs must have received the Kennel Cough vaccination within 12 months of departure but no less than 14 days before arrival. Documentation must be provided for initial registration and subsequent updates.

9.      CHKC will attempt to supply the same or similar food as the pet receives at home from our standard range but you may bring your pet’s own food if you wish. There is no discount available if you do so.

10.   Notification of illness or injury to an animal must be made within three days of departure. If this is not observed, our insurers may refuse to accept your claim and we will not be able to refund any costs.

11.   CHKC can accept payments using Cash, MasterCard/VISA debit and credit cards, or BACS payments to our bank account. Cheques and Postal Orders are not accepted. For card and BACS payments a minimum payment of £15.00 is required.

12.   CHKC can accept small items of toys and bedding. Large items such as hard/soft beds or duvets cannot be accepted due to space and hygiene constraints. CHKC will attempt to return all items left with the pet at the end of the period boarded but cannot guarantee to do so and will not be liable for any item(s) loss or damage howsoever caused.

13.   If The Client’s pet(s) are collected on a Sunday afternoon by special arrangement and were booked in for a Saturday to Sunday stay at the off-peak weekend discount rate, no discounts will be applied – the client will be charged for two full days.

14.   The Client gives permission for his/her own pets to share accommodation if required whilst boarded and, in doing so, confirms that they will not behave in an unacceptable manner to each other or to our staff as a result of being accommodated or exercised together. We reserve the right to kennel them separately if it becomes necessary for safety or behavioural reasons. This will incur additional charges. 

15.   Should the pets be of opposite sexes and allowed to be together during their stay, either in the accommodation or whilst being exercised, CHKC cannot be held responsible for any breeding activities which may take place.

16.   The Client agrees that if the pets are not collected on the departure date agreed and no alternative arrangements have been made either beforehand or reasonably soon after the due departure date, CHKC may dispose of the pets at their sole discretion exercising due diligence. The Client will remain responsible for full payment of outstanding fees plus any additional disposal fees incurred.

17.   Medication required by the pet during its stay must be supplied by The Client in containers clearly showing the pet’s name, medication name, dosage and frequency. CHKC can administer most medication but cannot purchase any medication on behalf of The Client’s unless a condition requiring veterinary attention occurs during the boarding period and a vet has prescribed suitable medication for that condition.

18.   The Client agrees to repay all vet fees and other fees not covered by the CHKC insurance policy on demand. This includes the cost of treatment and all drugs issued by the vet. An attendance charge, dependent on distance and time, will be levied for vet visits which are not covered by our insurance policy.